Our synthetic gypsums (including GV41- DIPLAST, GV51-TOBIX, GV60-TERRACOTTA, GV65-RED BRICK, GV81-TIXOTROPICO) can be used to produce plaster molds or models for film and cinema sets. All materials are fire resistant (GV71-FIRE) and non toxic.

GV21- WATERPROOF, which has been waterproof certified and is obtained by adding Claydur, is also used in the construction of outdoor sets without the need of additional waterproofing treatments.

Veltman Italy’s products (including MV001-BANDAGE) are used by professionals for making floats used in Europe’s most famous carnivals or in film set design.


Collaborating with highly referenced European companies and Research Centres, Veltman Italy conducts researches in highly sustainable light metal alloys with specific applications for the Transport industry. The activities are focused on the development of new CaO and CaCO3 based on ternary magnesium alloys (ex: Mg-Al-Ca systems with Zn and Zr) and cast aluminium alloys at low Si content and high Mg (with additions of low percentage of Ca, Ti, Cu, P, etc).

For its clients, Veltman Italia has capability to conduct metallurgical study based on results from scanning electron microscope analysis, microstructure analysis, second phases analysis, macro and micro mechanical testing (static and dynamic mechanical test, microhardness testing).


Rapid prototyping allows you to obtain prototypes and small series of models quickly and cheaply.
Veltman brings to you a transparent silicone rubber (MV009-SILICONE) and an alginate (MV007-ALGINATE) which allow you to obtain perfect model reproduction.

All of Veltman’s eco-friendly resins (GV41-DIPLAST, GV21- WATERPROOF, GV51-TOBIX, GV60-TERRACOTTA, GV65-RED BRICK, GV71-FIRE) can be cast into the silicon rubbers and alginates.

These resins allow perfect replication of the original without any deformation or shrinkage.


In the models sector, a wide range of objects or parts of them can be reproduced.

To achieve this, Veltman brings to you a transparent silicone rubber (MV009-SILICONE) and alginate (MV007-ALGINATE) for the creation of molds to be used for the faithful reproduction of the original object’s forms and details and a series of synthetic perfectly pourable gypsums (including GV41-DIPLAST, GV21- WATERPROOF, GV60-TERRACOTTA e GV65-RED BRICK, GV71-FIRE) which guarantee a perfect reproduction of all details.

Veltman also offers you the thixotropic GV81-TIXOTROPICO which is suitable for making models, countermolds and negatives of considerable mechanical strength when combined with the fiberglass quadriaxial fabric (VV030-QUADRIAXIAL FABRIC).


Veltman Italia offers you a range of synthetic sintetiche (GV41- DIPLAST , GV21- WATERPROOF, GV51-TOBIX, GV60-TERRACOTTA, GV65-RED BRICK, GV71-FIRE) which belong to the so-called category of artificial or synthetic gypsums, which can be used 1) in liquid form: for special touch-ups casting and stucco casting; 2) in a paste form: for freehand model making of small parts; 3) in solid form: with the traditional sculpture techniques for dimensional adjustments / surface finishings. Due to its high quality, this product is used broadly by sculptors and artists.

In order to meet different business needs, Veltman offers a range of retardants (AV30-RETARDANT), hardeners (AV20-DURFIX), fluidizers, deareating elements (AV40-MATROX ANTIBOLLE) and catalysts (AV50-WATER REPELLENT) which help prevent blisters from forming, to modify the processing times of products, to increase their mechanical strength and make them waterproof.


Veltman Italia’s synthetic gypsums (GV41-DIPLAST , GV51-TOBIX, GV60-TERRACOTTA, GV65-RED BRICK) are particularly suitable higher quality substitutes for natural gypsum (i.e. gypsum plaster) and are also used in high quality decorations such as cornices, ceiling rosettes, pillars, fireplaces and shelves.

These products can also be used extensively in exterior decoration and (GV21- WATERPROOF, CV91-TECNOCEMENT) and perform highly in the plasterboard market (GV71-FIRE).