Materials for construction and architectureMaterials for restoration, scenography and fine artsMaterials for the marine and automotive industries Materials for rapid prototyping Materials for model making and craftworks
Syntyhetic gypsums and special cements
Castable synthetic gypsums
(GV41-Diplast) or fast-hardening thixotropic gypsums, unbaked. They allow perfect replication of the original without distortion or shrinkage.
Technical materials
Cements, alginates, aluminium, magnesium, plaster bandages, silicone rubbers for the architecture and construction fields and also for craftworks, model making, body casting / duplication, theatre set design, restoration and fine arts. Chemical additives
Hardeners, retardants, super fluidizers, dyes, and catalysts for synthetic gypsums Equipment and accessories
Materials, quadriaxial fabrics, glass fibers and accessories

Veltman Italia is a company which has always combined innovative technological research and great care in the development of its products.

Veltman Italia is able to put together any combination of sulfate-based synthetic calcium upon specific request: joint development with our customers has allowed us to create innovative
(GV41-DIPLAST), waterproof, fire resistant and thixotropic materials.

Veltman Italia’s experience allows us to make retardants, hardening elements, deaerating elements, fluidizers and catalysts that allow us to meet any customer need by supplying specific products for use in construction (also for external areas), in fine arts and restoration, rapid prototyping, model making / craftworks, in the production of stage sets, masks, carvings, religious items, sculptures, statues, and also casts, molds and negatives.

Veltman Italy conducts advanced researches and development of highly sustainable light metal alloys such as aluminium and new CaO and CaCO3 based non-flammable Magnesium alloys.

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Veltman Italia is synonymous with quality and certification. The company has always paid particular attention to compliance with national and international quality standards and regulations governing quality certification.
All products come with Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) and technical information sheet.

certificazione REACH, certificazione CE