Hardener and fluidizing liquid for synthetic gypsum


Applications and Benefits

Durfix hardening liquid serves to make gypsum extremely hard and provide it with high mechanical strength so as to make the artefacts comparable to those obtained with polyester resins.

Durfix hardener eliminates the natural porosity of gypsum and that is why surfaces become uniformly smooth after drying.

The product also has the property of making the gypsum more fluid, thus making it more eaily pourable into molds.

Artefacts made with the hardened gypsum are particularly suitable for being treated in galvanic baths for gold, silver and brass-plating, following the same procedure used for polyester resin.


5 litre tank (AV20/5-DURFIX)
10 litre tank (AV20/10-DURFIX)
25 litre tank (AV20/25-DURFIX)

Technical sheet