High quality synthetic gypsum in terracotta colour


Applications and Benefits

Terracotta coloured powder synthetic gypsum that, when mixed with water in appropriate stoichiometric ratios, becomes perfectly pourable into any mold and ensures rapid hardening without the need for baking. Provides an aesthetically pleasing alternative to terracotta clay, with the advantage of being harder.

Because of its characteristics, it is particularly suitable for making objects while guaranteeing perfect detail reproduction and is used in the fields of restoration and fine arts.

By using Veltman’s hardeners, retardants, deaerating elements, fluidizers, antifermentatives and catalysts the customer is able to:

  1. increase the processing time of the product;
  2. increase the fluidity of the product for improved pouring;
  3. prevent the formation of blisters;
  4. increase the mechanical strength of the finished product.


25 kg sacks

Technical sheet