99.9% pure synthetic waterproof plaster


Applications and Benefits

GV21-WATERPROOF synthetic gypsum is a white powder which, mixed with CLAYDUR catalyst in appropriate stoichiometric ratios, is perfectly pourable into any mold and ensures rapid hardening without the need for baking. The resulting product appears to be impervious to immersion without the need for any further treatment, as certified by the Giordano d’Imola Institute. The product has the additional advantage of reaching very high levels of mechanical strength, superior that of any other synthetic gypsum.

Due to its characteristics, it is particularly suitable in the fields of fine arts, restoration, and construction, and in particular in outdoor decorating or decorating in very humid areas.


GV21-WATERPROOF: 25 kg sacks
CLAYDUR: 5 - 10 - 25 litre tanks

Technical sheet